“We deliver value that far exceeds the typical "coding audit" by drilling down to identify potential risks and opportunities and deliver straightforward feedback and recommendations to providers, scribes and your in-house coding professionals.”

Jennie HitchcockPresident, Co-Founder
Why We’re Different

Our Audits Exceed Expectations

Amount of Education We Provide

  • Producing on-demand video education for various topics
  • Client specific education
  • Availability for regular correspondence and support
  • One-on-one provider calls
  • Staying abreast on guidelines and regulations while communicating changes with clients

Depth of Reporting and Deliverables

  • Interpretations, analysis and action items – not just raw data
  • Dashboards by provider, practice or market
  • Reports are reviewed with providers directly giving them the opportunity to ask questions and give feedback

Most practices lack the expertise to do quality reviews in house

Staying on top of CPT guidelines and changes every year can be overwhelming


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